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PO09-Targeted Support to the ACP Group in Geneva to Strengthen the Group's Participation in the Multilateral Trade Negotiations under the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Status [ From 2018-06-01]
Region Africa, Caribbean and Pacific
Project type Regional
Sector Trade negotiations
Applicant ACP Group (Geneva)

Purpose 1 – ACP Delegations in Geneva to participate effectively in trade negotiations /deliberations in the WTO

  • Document: Public Stockholding for Food Security Purposes in the WTO: Options for ACP Countries prepared;
  • Periodic WTO State of Play reviewed and shared with the ACP Delegations;
  • Working Matrix on WTO Trade Distorting Domestic Support Key Positions prepared;
  • Document for the committee on agriculture in special session prepared;
  • Working Matrix on WTO Fisheries Subsidies Negotiation Key Positions toward an MC11 outcome prepared and shared;
  • Matrix on recent DS PSH and cotton proposal prepared;
  • Document: View on the State of Play on WTO Negotiations and Preparations for the Eleventh Ministerial Conference prepared;
  • Document - WTO Trade in Services domestic regulations negotiations prepared;
  • Study - Special and Differential Treatment provisions: in the context of structural transformation, industrialisation and diversification undertaken;
  • Study - Legal Assessment of Recent WTO Domestic Regulations Negotiation Proposals undertaken;
  • ACP Group Briefing Paper WTO Domestic Supports Negotiations prepared;
  • ACP Group Briefing Paper WTO Negotiations on Fisheries Subsidies prepared;
  • Preliminary Report and Observations on the Eleventh WTO Ministerial Conference Outcomes prepared;
  • State of play – Briefer on Doha Development Agenda (DDA) Special and Differential Treatment Proposals.

Purpose 2: To guide ACP delegates to participate in the drafting of legal text/elements for incorporation in the outcome of the WTO negotiations

  • Geneva Overview Report--A view on the State of Play on WTO Negotiations and Preparations for the Eleventh Ministerial Conference--prepared;
  • Report: International and ACP State National Marine Fisheries Legal Regimes relevant to the WTO Negotiations on Fisheries Subsidies prepared;
  • Report: Domestic Support in WTO Agricultural Trade Negotiations State of Play and Options for ACP Countries prepared.

Programme funded by European Union at the request of the Organisation of African Caribbean and Pacific States - Implemented by AESA CONSORTIUM