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From Idea to Request

How to turn the idea for assistance into a Project?

A. You should identify

  1. where you could benefit from support under the Programme TradeCom II;
  2. who would be the target group(s) and the final beneficiaries of the proposed action;
  3. the trade-related needs and constraints in the target group(s) and final beneficiaries identified.


B. It is then necessary to develop the project so that the PMU TradeCom II can understand it and consider it for funding.

  1. First you must consider the form the project should take.
Example of projects:
  • One-off or periodical training sessions, seminars and workshops;
  • Requests to develop university curricula;
  • Capacity and institution building in national/regional organisations, Ministries and/or Departments;
  • Requests for trade experts for short or longer term periods to solve particular trade-related issues;
  • Projects to improve the work of selected trade institutions on trade policy decisions and implementation of trade agreements;
  • Research and diagnostic studies directly linked to TradeCom II objectives and country needs.
  • Requests for lawyers to provided legal studies and analysis and / or legal drafting or legal representation.
  1. You should complete the Application Form as fully as you can. All sections should be presented clearly and with detail, to allow the PMU TradeCom II to understand the project and ensure that the activities presented are the best solution to your need or problem.
    If the project is approved for funding, then the project description in the Application will also be the main source of guidance for the selection of expertise and for directing the project’s implementation.

The PMU TradeCom II can assist beneficiaries to formulate first drafts of Applications.

In other words, you are advised to engage into a preliminary contact with the TradeCom II. Upon receipt of a first call, letter, fax or e-mail by the PMU, a trade expert will be assigned with the file, and will guide you through the Application form.


Programme funded by European Union at the request of the Organisation of African Caribbean and Pacific States - Implemented by AESA CONSORTIUM