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PO01-Targeted Support to Enhance the Implementation of the CARIFORUM-EU EPA

Status [ From 2018-05-20]
Region Forum of the Caribbean Group of African, Caribbean
Project type Regional
Sector Trade negotiations
Applicant AETS

Purpose 1 – Foster an enabling environment for economic growth through the enhancement of the legal and regulatory framework of CARIFORUM States

  • Draft CARICOM Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) and Implementation Instrument prepared and submitted to States for approval;
  • Draft Model Architects Registration Bill prepared and submitted to States for approval;
  • Four revised draft Model Bills to implement CARIFORUM-EU EPA commitments in the areas of: Telecommunications, immigration, and international maritime transport services;
  • Draft Implementation Guide for the four Model Bills to facilitate their enactment into domestic law submitted to States for adoption;
  • Instruments to support the mobility of CARICOM architects, notably a draft CARICOM Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) and draft Architects Registration bill prepared and submitted to member states for adoption;
  • Workshop sessions successful implemented with appropriate representatives of CARIFORUM States (except for Barbados and Haiti) in attendance;
  • An update of the Harmonised Commodity Description and Coding System in the CARIFORUM-EU EPA by transposing Appendix I to Annex III – CARIFORUM Market Access Schedule - and Annex II to Protocol I – List of Product Specific Rules of Origin - from HS 2002 to HS 2017;
  • Support for validation of the trade data on the CARIFORUM-EU EPA for submission to the WTO Transparency Mechanism and CARIFORUM response to the draft Factual Presentation on the Economic Partnership Agreement between the CARIFORUM States and the European Union;
  • Supported states in the preparation of response to Draft Factual Presentation on EPA prepared by WTO Secretariat and Joint CARIFORUM-EU Response submitted to WTO Secretariat.

Purpose 2 – Strengthen capacity in the EPA Implementation Unit to facilitate the effective implementation of the CARIFORUM-EU EPA

  • Legislative drafters, senior trade officials and technical officers were consulted within fourteen CARIFORUM States (not Haiti) and the OECS States;
  • Technical officers within CARICOM were consulted and participated in project activities, including the workshop;
  • Draft framework for design and operationalisation of an EPA Monitoring System proposed to CARIFORUM and Joint Institutions;
  • Best Practices Guide to support revision of EPA Implementation Roadmap submitted to CARIFORUM States;
  • Communications and public education material--four public education articles on the EPA--prepared and approved by CARIFORUM Directorate. 

Programme funded by European Union at the request of the Organisation of African Caribbean and Pacific States - Implemented by AESA CONSORTIUM