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Current tenders

The PMU for the TradeCom II Programme will launch "Competitive Negotiated Procedure" service tenders, in compliance with the EDF rules. In this type of procedure, a limited number of companies/consortia are invited to submit their technical and financial proposals within a specific period of time.

Procedure for the establishment of Short List of Companies/Consortia per tender process

As soon as a project is approved by the TradeCom II Validation Committee, the PMU for the TradeCom II Programme will publish a Forecast Tender on this webpage. The publication will provide basic information on the project approved for implementation under the TradeCom II Programme and the tender to be launched.

Companies/consortia interested in tendering for a specific project will have to submit their specific registration form to The PMU for the TradeCom II Programme will establish the final shortlist of companies/consortia after analysing the specific expressions of interest received and consulting the stakeholders of the Programme and project to be implemented.

Shortlisted companies/consortia will be officially invited to tender. Only shortlisted entities may submit a proposal.

For new updates on upcoming tenders, please consult our webpage and/or follow our Twitter feed @Tender_TradeCom2

» Download the TradeCom II Form for Expression of Interest (English version)
» Download the TradeCom II Form for Expression of Interest (French version)


Project Name Beneficiary Project Sheet Express your interest
Gabon P035 : Appui à l’élaboration et au renforcement des politiques et règles commerciales du Gabon Ministère du Commerce (Gabon) [GAB] Mail
Deadline: 09-07-2018
PAC P048: Targeted assistance for the development of an enabling environment for e-commerce in the Pacific Region
  • MSG Secretariat [VUT]
  • Pacific Islands Forum [FJI]
Deadline: 18-07-2018
Zimbabwe P040: Targeted support for strengthening the capacity and competitiveness of small scale horticulture farmers for the production of niche export products under the EPA in Zimbabwe Ministry of Industry and Commerce (Zimbabwe) [ZWE] Mail
Deadline: 02-07-2018
Mozambique P044: Targeted assistance for EPA implementation through SPS conformity for fisheries and aquaculture, and enhanced export capacity of fisheries in Mozambique National Institute for Fish Inspection (INIP) [MOZ] Mail
Deadline: 17-07-2018
Programme funded by European Union at the request of ACP Group - Implemented by AESA CONSORTIUM