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TradeCom II Programme concluded its first Mission to Geneva

Posted on: February 24, 2016


A TradeCom II Programme mission, led by Mr. Ndyeshobola (Team Leader) and Ms. Mohun (Regional Trade Expert), visited Geneva on Monday 22th of February 2016 to hold five meetings with the ACP Group, the Permanent Mission of the European Union to the WTO, the Deputy Director General of WTO and UNCTAD. The mission team was joined by the Head of the ACP Office in Geneva, Ambassador Kisiri.
The scope of the mission was to introduce to the highly relevant stakeholders the new TradeCom II Programme activities and main areas of intervention. The mission responded to several technical questions from the ACP Group concerning programme’s procedures, implementation strateg, participation of local expertise, eligibility criteria, assistance provided by the PMU for the request formulation, timeline for submission of requests and the start of field implementation.

With Ambassador Aghah, Deputy Director General of WTO the mission discussed potential areas of collaboration, in particular regarding TradeCom II’s participation in the WTO events (e.g. Geneva week) and synergies with the resources and activities of the Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation (ITTC).
With UNCTAD the mission had positive discussions on potential areas for collaboration with a specific focus on how to effectively deliver greater TRA benefits to the ACP countries, for example in the formulation of trade policy frameworks, services analysis/assessments for ACP countries.

Programme funded by European Union at the request of ACP Group - Implemented by AESA CONSORTIUM