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Vanuatu-Targeted Support for the 2017 Update of the Vanuatu Trade Policy Framework (TPFU2017)

Posted on: October 30, 2018


This support programme is motivated by the fact that as of today, a comprehensive update of the Trade Policy Framework TPF is seen by the Government of Vanuatu (GoV) and its development partners as an essential precondition to keep up the momentum of the whole Trade Mainstreaming Program (TMP) in Vanuatu.  The TPF 2012 has become the main national document on trade matters and its implementation is being professionally monitored through a comprehensive Implementation Matrix (TPFIM), a tool which allows the government to pursue a sector-wide approach to trade. At institutional level, the Vanuatu’s NTDC is now firmly established as the best-performing governance mechanism in the country, and its recommendations routinely inform decision-making by the GoV and its donor partners.

The TPF Update 2017 (TPFU 2017) will be carried out by adopting DTIS guidelines, as adapted to best fit the national conditions. In line with the thrust of the EIF to serve as leverage for multi-donor trade initiatives, and considering the need to craft a TPFU which reflects the advanced stage of maturity of the Vanuatu’s TMP, the GoV is now seeking commitments by multiple donors—the EU (through its TradeCom II), Australia, EIF and the Asian Development Bank for an ambitious exercise which will culminate in a revamped policy roadmap suitable to drive the national trade agenda for the years to come.

By supporting the TPFU 2017 through the provision of experts and adequate visibility, this support programme will also provide a crucial contribution towards the strengthening of the EU’s Sectoral Policy for Vanuatu. More generally, by keeping up the momentum of the Vanuatu’s TMP, the programme will play a pivotal role in driving progressive policy reforms, ensuring increased inflows of Aid-for-Trade, and ultimately enhancing the role of trade as the key engine of sustainable development in Vanuatu.

TPFU 2017 will see the concerted effort of the government and its partners to deliver a high-quality product that can drive the country’s trade policy. The technical support will entail updating six (6) Chapters of the Vanuatu Trade Policy Framework:

Ch. 2) The macroeconomic environment

Ch. 3) Trade composition and trends

Ch. 4) External trade policies and trade agreements

Ch. 6) Trade Facilitation and related infrastructure

Ch. 11) Agriculture

Ch. 12) Agro-processing & other manufacturing.

Implementation of TPFU 2017 started in July 2018 and is expected to be completed in march 2019.
Programme funded by European Union at the request of ACP Group - Implemented by AESA CONSORTIUM